Friday, December 4, 2009

Advance System Care Pro

Advanced SystemCare Pro Slow down, freeze, crash and security threats are over. Advanced SystemCare Pro is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes an one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer. Scanning and finding what other utilities miss, it can keep your PC error-free and smooth than ever. This fantastic program is available free of charge.

link: SystemCare Pro v3.3.4.rar

Game Booster

Highly Recommended by Most PC Gamers!

Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts. It works by defragmenting game directories, temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. That means you can keep all the features of Microsoft® Windows® 7,Vista™ and XP® ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are ready to get down to serious business – gaming. Game Booster makes it simpler to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level. All systems go!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update for Windows XP (KB971029)

AutoRun is a Windows feature that allows files or programs to immediately run as soon as a removable media device, such as a USB stick or CD-ROM, is connected to a computer.AutoRun feature could allow malicious code to spread. One of the vectors by which the infectious Conficker, or Downadup, worm propagates is through pen drives / other removable storage medias

Microsoft has fixed a problem that prevents users from selectively disabling AutoRun features in an effort to stop the Conficker worm from spreading.
Microsoft said it recommends all customers to install the update, which affects all supported Windows versions.

Install this update to restrict AutoRun entries in the AutoPlay dialog to only CD and DVD drives. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Operation Air Assault 2

Operation Air Assault 2 , Due to a continued threat from international terrorism and the enemy advancement within the last couple of years, Midas have taken up arms and are launching a second wave of attacks on the radical militia group intent on bringing the world to it's knee's.


Internet Download Manager 5.18

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

link: 5.18.rar

Thursday, November 12, 2009

UltraISO Premium Edition 9.35

UltraISO can extract, create, edit, and convert CD/DVD image files. It can directly edit an ISO file, make ISO images from CD/DVD-ROMs, create a new ISO from files and folders on your computer, and make bootable CDs and DVDs. In addition, UltraISO can convert nearly all known CD and DVD image formats to ISO, BIN/CUE, Nero (NRG), Alcohol 120% (MDS/MDF), and CloneCD (CCD/IMG/SUB) formats, as well as burn CD/DVD images directly with built-in burning engine and emulate ISO images with up to 8 virtual CD/DVD drives.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Pick Up Lines for Hard To Get Girls!!!

Nanaginip ako…

nakita kong
may batang lumapit sayo at

“gus2 mong balde?”

ikaw ay nagtaka..

kayat kanyang winika:

“umaapaw kc ang
kagandahan mo..”


boy: gusto mo libre kita ng siomai?

girl: huh? baket? birthday mo ngayon?

boy: hindi ko birthday. wala lang. i just want to siomai love for you..


Hi Goodmorning
can i ask u nasan ka kagabi?

bakit wala ka sa panaginip ko?

d tuloi sweet ang dream ko.


ikaw ha..
puro ka tlga lakwatsa..

pati sa panaginip ko
nakakarating ka..


Boy: Miss naliligaw po ako pede po pakituro ang daan?

Girl: Saan ka ba nakatira ?

Boy: dyan po sa puso mo


boy: miss may slot pb?
gurl: saan?

boy: sa puso mo..


boy: bzzzz i'm a bee bzzzz
gurl: ano pinagsasabi mo jan, nasiraan ka ba?
boy: pwede bang ako nalang ang bee?
gurl (laughs) ano kaya trip netoh. ahah cge na nga
boy: yahoo! i'm a bee and you'll be my honey..


girl : pano kung kunwari..

boy : kunwari ano?

girl : mapunta tau sa isang sitwasyon.. na isa lng pwede mong piliin

boy : huh?

girl : kunwari.. nalulunod ako at ung kapatid mo.. tapos isa lng samin pwede mo iligtas... sino samin ililigtas mo?

boy : uhmmm.. syempre ung kapatid ko..

girl : (sad face) sabi ko na nga ba eh T.T

boy : ililigtas ko ung kapatid.. tapos babalikan kita...

girl : e sabi na isa lng pwede iligtas eh

boy : alam ko...

girl : bat mo ko babalikan?

boy : sasamahan kitang malunod.. para d na tau mag kahiwalay pa..


If nothing last forever
will you be my nothing?


Guy: Sorry, but you owe me a drink.
Girl: Why?
Guy:I looked at you and dropped mine..


sana naging damit na lang ako...

...para kahit minsan i-try mo ko, kung bagay ako sayo...


sana naging camera nalng ako,

para sa tuwing titingin ako sayo...

ngingitian mo ko..u


pwede ba kitang habulin?

sabi kasi sa commercial:

habulin mo happiness mo!


ui san ka? pde mo ba ko smahan?...

...forever? --,


if nothing last forever...

...will you be my nothing?..ehehe..



let me tie your shoe laces,

so you wont fall for anyone else..
~ ahihi


kung posporo ka,


posporo ako...

...teNteNenen... di

MATCH tayo!


lets commit the perfect crime:

i'LL steal your heart...

and you steal mine...


bkt ba lagi kang nakasabit dyan?

e, pwede ka namang mahulog sakin.


aanhin mo pa ang bahay nyo..

kung nakatira ka na sa puso ko..


kung ikaw ay puno at ako ay baging,

pwde ba kitang gapangin?

un un eh! haha


aq na mgba2yad ng tuition fee mo..

bsta ang pgaaralan mu lang ay mahalin ako


kung globe ka at globe ako...

at lahat ay posible sa globe...

posible bang maging tayo?

haha katibay!


hi, excuse me relihyoso ka ba?

..ikaw kasi sagot sa mga panalangin ko

~ toinks!


alam mo,


gusto kitang patirin bigla..

para dretsong mahulog ka sakin..


bastos ka din noh?

pano, di ka man lang kasi kumakatok...

tuloy2 ka lang pumasok sa puso ko..


Minamalat na naman ang puso ko..

Paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang pangalan mo..


Ikaw ba may-ari ng Crayola??

Ikaw kasi nagbibigay ng kulay sa buhay ko..


Uy picture tayo!!

Para ma-develop tayo!!


Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, mashushoot ba kita??

Hinde, para lagi kita mamimiss..


Can i take your picture??

'Coz i want to show Santa exactly what i want for Christmas!!


Exam ka ba??

Gustong gusto na kasi kitang i-take home eh!!


Lecture mo ba ako??

Lab kasi kita..


Centrum ka ba??

Kasi you make my life complete!!


Miss pwede ba kita maging driver??

Para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko..


Mahilig ka ba sa asukal??

Ang tamis kasi ng mga ngiti mo..


Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard??

Kasi type kita..


I hate to say this but... You are like my underwear..

'Coz i can't last a day without you!!


Ibibili kita ng salbabida..

Kasi malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko..


Pwede ba kitang maging sidecar??

Single kasi ako eh..


Me lisensya ka ba??

Coz you're driving me crazy eh..


1May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo??

May sira ata relo ko.. Pag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humi­hinto ang oras ko..


Am i a bad shooter??

Coz i keep on missing you..


Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight??

O gusto mong dumaan ulit ako??


Mabilis ka siguro sa mga puzzle noh??

Kasi kakasimula pa lang ng araw ko, pero nabuo mo na agad..


Excuse me.. Are you a dictionary??

Because you give meaning to my life..


Bangin ka ba??

Nahuhulog kasi ako sa'yo..


Pustiso ka ba??

Kasi, can't smile without you..


Pagod na pagod ka na noh??

Maghapon at magdamag kana kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko eh..


Me butas ba puso mo??

Kasi natrap na ako sa loob, can't find my way out!!


Anung height mo??

Pano ka nagkasya sa loob ng puso ko..


Hey, did you fart??

Coz you blew me away!!


Sana "V" na lang ako..

Para i'm always right next to "U"


Ako ay isang exam...kaya sagutin mo na ako...


Mag empake ka...sama ka sakin....punta tayo home for the aged......

Kasi i wanna grow old with you......


Alarm clock ka ba?

Kasi ginising mo ang natutulog kong puso.....


Alam mo bang parang 7-11 ang puso ko?......

Kasi 24 oras bukas para sayo.....


Nung mahalin kita.....daig ko pa ang na traffic sa edsa......

I can't move on....


Nakalunok ka ba ng kwitis?

Pag ngumiti ka kc...may spark....


"Pag ako gumawa ng planeta, gusto ko ikaw ang axis ko..

Para sayo lang iikot ang mundo ko.."


You look like someone I know

My next Girlfriend


Ako na magbabayad ng tuition fee mo!

Basta pag-aralan mo lang na mahalin ako.


Feeling ko mouse tayong dalawa...

You know, we just click.


Excuse me, tatanong ko lang kung didiretsuhin ko bang daan na 'to,

O may ibang shortcut sa puso mo?


May free time ka ba? Samahan mo naman ako sa psychiatrist...

Magdala daw kasi ako ng kinababaliwan ko.


Kung may business ako, lahat ng tao bebentahan ko ng mura,

'Kaw lang ang hindi. Sa'yo lang ako magmamahal.


Bukas sisingilin ko na yung bayad mo sa renta...

Tagal mo na kasing naninirahan sa puso ko eh.


Miss meron ka ba ERASER??

Hindi kasi kita mabura sa isip ko.


Papapulis kita

Ninakaw mo kasi puso ko..


I lost my number.

Can i have yours?


I forgot your name.

***Can i call you mine?


thanks to tristan cafe and nakboo26

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smart Money Fund Transfer Service

1. Go to SMART Menu and select SMART Money.
2. Select Transfer and press OK.
3. Select Others, press OK.
4. Enter your beneficiary’s SMART Money number (5577 5158 0109 8103), press OK.
5. You will receive a prompt message, press OK.
6. Select source of funds, press OK.
7. Enter amount you would like to send, press OK.
8. You will receive a prompt message to confirm your transaction, press OK.
9. Enter W-PIN, press OK.
10. You will receive a confirmation message of your transaction.

Reset for Canon MP190 series

solution 1

plug the printer to the power source
press stop/reset buttons together power buttons
while pressing power button click stop/reset 4x
w8 to initialize first the printer if the lead or display become 0
press stop/reset 4x..............

solution 2

whoever filled your inks should have expalined to you on how to do it if it was filled professionally,
just turn on machine
hold down the stop/reset button for a while
it will bypass the inks sensor and let you print but your machine wont know how much ink are in the tanks but it will work and you will have to do this everytime you get your inks filled.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Leave your mouse behind and work more efficient on Windows system with these keyboard shortcuts.

Windows key + R = Run menu

Windows key + E = Explorer

ALT + Tab = Switch between windows

ALT, Space, X = Maximize window

CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager

Windows key + Break = System properties

Windows key + F = Search

Windows key + D = Hide/Display all windows

CTRL + C = copy

CTRL + X = cut

CTRL + V = paste

ALT + Esc = Switch between running applications

ALT + letter = Select menu item by underlined letter

CTRL + Esc = Open Program Menu

CTRL + F4 = Close active document or group windows (does not work with some applications)

ALT + F4 = Quit active application or close current window

ALT + [-] = Open Control menu for active document

CTRL + Left/Right arrow = Move cursor forward or back one word

CTRL + Up/Down arrow = Move cursor forward or back one paragraph

F1 = Open Help for active application

Windows key + M = Minimize all open windows

Shift + Windows key + M = Undo minimize all open windows

Windows key + F1 = Open Windows Help

Windows key + Tab = Cycle through the Taskbar buttons

Windows key + Break = Open the System Properties dialog box

Accessibility Shortcuts :

Right SHIFT for eight seconds........ Switch FilterKeys on and off.

Left ALT +left SHIFT +PRINT SCREEN....... Switch High Contrast on and off.

Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK....... Switch MouseKeys on and off.

SHIFT....... five times Switch StickyKeys on and off.

NUM LOCK...... for five seconds Switch ToggleKeys on and off.

Explorer Shortcuts :

END....... Display the bottom of the active window.

HOME....... Display the top of the active window.

NUM LOCK+ASTERISK....... on numeric keypad (*) Display all subfolders under the selected folder.

NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN....... on numeric keypad (+) Display the contents of the selected folder.

NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN....... on numeric keypad (-) Collapse the selected folder.

LEFT ARROW...... Collapse current selection if it's expanded, or select parent folder.

RIGHT ARROW....... Display current selection if it's collapsed, or select first subfolder.

Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run Short command :

devmgmt.msc = Device Manager

msinfo32 = System Information

cleanmgr = Disk Cleanup

ntbackup = Backup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)

mmc = Microsoft Management Console

excel = Microsoft Excel (If Installed)

msaccess = Microsoft Access (If Installed)

powerpnt = Microsoft PowerPoint (If Installed)

winword = Microsoft Word (If Installed)

frontpg = Microsoft FrontPage (If Installed)

notepad = Notepad

wordpad = WordPad

calc = Calculator

msmsgs = Windows Messenger

mspaint = Microsoft Paint

wmplayer = Windows Media Player

rstrui = System Restore

netscp6 = Netscape 6.x

netscp = Netscape 7.x

netscape = Netscape 4.x

control = Opens the Control Panel

control printers = Opens the Printers Dialog

Internetbrowser :

Type in adress "google", then press [Right CTRL] and [Enter]
add www. and .com to word and go to it

For Windows XP:

Copy. CTRL + C

Cut. CTRL + X

Paste. CTRL + V

Undo. CTRL + Z

Delete. DELETE

Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin. SHIFT + DELETE

Copy selected item. CTRL while dragging an item

Create shortcut to selected item. CTRL + SHIFT while dragging an item

Rename selected item. F2

Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word. CTRL + RIGHT ARROW

Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word. CTRL + LEFT ARROW

Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph. CTRL + DOWN ARROW

Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph. CTRL + UP ARROW

Highlight a block of text. CTRL + SHIFT with any of the arrow keys

Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document. SHIFT with any of the arrow keys

Select all. CTRL + A

Search for a file or folder. F3

View properties for the selected item. ALT + ENTER

Close the active item, or quit the active program. ALT + F4

Opens the shortcut menu for the active window. ALT + SPACEBAR

Close the active document in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously. CTRL + F4

Switch between open items. ALT + TAB

Cycle through items in the order they were opened. ALT + ESC

Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop. F6

Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer. F4

Display the shortcut menu for the selected item. SHIFT + F10

Display the System menu for the active window. ALT + SPACEBAR

Display the Start menu. CTRL + ESC

Display the corresponding menu. ALT + Underlined letter in a menu name

Carry out the corresponding command. Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu

Activate the menu bar in the active program. F10

Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu. RIGHT ARROW

Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu. LEFT ARROW

Refresh the active window. F5

View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. BACKSPACE

Cancel the current task. ESC

SHIFT when you insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive Prevent the CD from automatically playing.

Use these keyboard shortcuts for dialog boxes :

To Press

Move forward through tabs. CTRL + TAB

Move backward through tabs. CTRL + SHIFT+TAB

Move forward through options. TAB

Move backward through options. SHIFT + TAB

Carry out the corresponding command or select the corresponding option. ALT+Underlined letter

Carry out the command for the active option or button. ENTER

Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box. SPACEBAR

Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons. Arrow keys
Display Help. F1

Display the items in the active list. F4

Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box. BACKSPACE

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows XP always shows Access Denied

If you are always getting Access Denied errors when trying to connect to a XP computer on your home or buisness network, and you know you have the correct user names and passwords on the computer, the solution may be a simple registry edit.

Click the read more to find the solution

1. Click Start then Run and type -> Regedit – click OK
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Lsa
3. Change the value of a key called “restrictanonymous” to 0 instead of 1
4. Be sure you change the right one as you Don’t want to change “restrictanonymoussam” value.
5. Next shut down RegEdit and Reboot your computer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mario Forever 4.0

Mario Forever is a very good remake of the venerable classic game -- Super Mario. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava. Version 4 includes many updates, enhancements, and bug fixes. In new version you´ll find a level editor and new hidden map in save selector area. Mario Worker as level editor.

link: >


VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars like Carl Cox.
With its breakthrough BeatLock engine, your songs will always stay in the beat, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could.


Jet Audio 7.5

JetAudio is integrated multimedia software composed of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, but it also has other features such as CD burning, recording, conversion to other file formats, and so on. In addition to these features, you have the ability to create your own Internet broadcasting by using JetCast, which is provided with JetAudio. Play all major file formats and discs, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Tune Up Utilities 2009

TuneUp Utilities 2009 can make your Windows operating system faster, more comfortable and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.

link: v3.0.2.rar

Vista Manager 3.0.2

Vista Manager is a powerful system utility which helps you to optimize and tweak, clean up your Windows Vista. It will increase you system speed, improve system security and suit your idea!

link: v3.0.2.rar

SUPER Audio Video Converte

SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer.
A GUI to FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, musepack,
monkey's audio, true audio, wavpack, ffmpeg2theora
and the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn.

If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file,
without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER © is all you need.
It is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia Player, easy-to-use with 1 simple click.

SUPER © "The Player" surpasses any known player by supporting just
any Multimedia file format. SUPER © plays files that cannot be played with
WMP or even other libavcodec-based players like MPC and VLC.
SUPER © also plays and saves Internet Media Streams of different
protocols ( mms:// rtsp:// http://)

SUPER © "The Encoder" is the fastest and simplest tool to encode full
length movies to any other format without any time or function limitation.


How to delete old custom status message in Yahoo Messenger?

You can do it by editing your registry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ yahoo\ pager\ profiles\ {yahooID}\ Custom Msgs
it's not recommended that one go delving into their registry unless they have a good working knowledge of the possible impact should something go astray.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Canon Printer Reset

Here are instructions:

The MPTool is designed for service works with the printer Canon MP-Series
when in Low-Level mode. This is NOT the same as "service mode"

Currently supported for
MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460. MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460.

BEFORE activating need to

To activate LOW LEVEL mode:

1. Unplug the power cord to the printer for a moment.

2. Then, hold down the on/off button while plugging in the power cord.
Keep holding the on/off button down.

3. Right away the green power light (in the button) will turn on solid.
Keep holding the on/off button down.

4. Press and release the Stop/Reset button.
(the button w a red triangle in a red circle)

5. Now you can release the on/off button.

The green power light will go off and the yellow Alarm light will stay on.
Now you can run MPTOOL and resetting the ink counters will work.

Your printer will show up as "another" Cannon printer.
When you finish you must again unplug the power cord for a moment
and then just plug it back in. After you do this, you'll see both
printers listed in Printers (control panel) and one will show as
offline. You can then rename this offline printer as "Low Mode Canon"
or whatever works for you so you don't mix it up with other functions.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Disable the Windows Security Alerts

Remove Windows Security Alert Popups

Windows XP SP2 added the security center to monitor firewall, automatic updates, and antivirus settings and to warn users when there is a problem. This is a good idea for the most part, since it gives a visual warning to the user when their antivirus or firewall have been disabled or changed.

However, what if your computer doesnt connect to the internet often enough to update your antivirus, or if you have purposely turned off the Automatic Updates feature. Maybe you dont want Windows to warn you each time you restart your computer or modify something.

I have had several instances where the Windows XP SP2 Security Alert balloons were more of a nuisance than anything else.

How to Turn off Security Alert Notifications

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Double-click on the Security Center icon
3. Click on the option "Change the way Security Center alerts me"
4. Uncheck the alert settings boxes you wish and click Ok

That's it. 4 simple steps can make a big difference.

Hope it helps...

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to remove Nokia Phone Browser Icon from My Computer

Click Start, Run. Type regedit.exe and press {ENTER}

Navigate to the following branch:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MyComputer \ NameSpace

Right-click on the subkey {416651E4-9C3C-11D9-8BDE-F66BAD1E3F3A} and choose Export

Type nokiaphonebrowser.reg as the file name, and click OK to backup the branch

Then right-click {416651E4-9C3C-11D9-8BDE-F66BAD1E3F3A} and choose Delete.

Click Yes when prompted for confirmation.

Exit the Registry Editor.

Nokia Phone Browser entry should no longer exist when you open My Computer. You can still access the Phone Browser feature by launching Nokia PC Suite application. If you want to undo the above edit, simply double-click the nokiaphonebrowser.reg file that you created earlier.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is expired baby food harmful?

Unless the seal on the baby food jar had been broken, it is doubtful that the baby food was the cause of the problem. Expiration dates on cans and bottles are there mainly for quality purposes, not for safety purposes. Nutrition and flavor will deteriorate over time.

Baby food companies perform what they call shelf-life testing to find out how long a product can stay on the shelf and still maintain the best nutrition and flavor. Then they date the product conservatively. For your baby's best nutritional health, always be sure to use a baby food well before its expiration date.

You need to be certain that whenever you open a baby food jar that first you check the lid to make sure the safety button is down, and then hold the jar near your ear when you twist it open to be able to hear the pop and whoosh of air that indicates you have broken the vacuum seal. And finally, just do a double check of the food inside by looking and smelling to satisfy yourself that everything is okay.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cabal Online: Siena, the queen

We are currently going through the patch notes we received from ESTsoft this afternoon, preparing our initial questions about the notes (yes, there are many points that need to be cleared up a bit) and setting up our test schedules. I can tell you that there appears to be a whole host of changes, new content, and some great additions to the cash shop. I think I will just wet your appetites a bit by posting the major points from the patch notes – expect much more detail and discussion as we proceed with the testing process

Blended Runes
These are created from normal Essence Runes. They appear to be very powerful, but limited at the same time. 16 types, each with 3 different levels

The Guild Expansion
Guilds will now have levels, from 1 to 5, and the long-awaited and often-requested guild warehouse will be introduced with this patch as well.

Two new dungeons
Altar of Siena b2f, and the Panic Cave – Panic Cave will have three difficulty levels, from easy to what I can only call ‘painful’ after reading the notes. Expect more detail after testing.

Map Extras
A new functionality for the GPS map, as well as a new way of showing your items to people. Not 100% clear on how this works yet, so we will have to wait and see.

The Warp Stone
An item that can be bought from an NPC that will enable PREMIUM users from the losing nation to use the winning bonus warps.

Account binding items
A new way of dealing with high-value items, similar to systems from other MMO’s. This will likely prove a bit controversial, so expect a detailed blog entry dedicated to this.

There are of course loads of minor changes, dealing with lower level quests, the way that you use the ‘looking for a party’ function, changes to NPC item prices, minor changes the mission wars, and quite a lot more. I guess this blog will get pretty busy as I get the time to update it through the next couple of weeks. We will also release the developer’s notes for this update very soon, so keep checking in

For now we are just waiting for the patching process to finish, and then hopefully I can start to give you some more detailed information soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cabal Online PH Game Guard Deep Freeze Issue Fix

1. Thaw your PC.
2. Delete gameguard folder.
3. Start Cabal.
4. If error occurs (delete gameguard folder again and Freeze PC).
5. Open and update cabal (note: when gameguard is downloading or updating in a frozen state files ranging from 1/8 - 1/16,it is a very good sign.)cancel download and thaw the pc.
6. Run cabal to update gameguard in thawed state. Do not run Cabal instead exit after the patch.
7. Freeze the PC.
8. Run Cabal in frozen mode. Again the gameguard will download large files about 1/32. Download all the files and try not to cancel it.
9. Whet it is finished, copy the *.ddl files (2 files) and *.ISO/BIN files inside the gameguard folder)and paste to USB flash drive.
10. Thaw your PC again and copy all files in the usb to gammeguard folder. NOTE! Do not run cabal.
11. Freeze PC and reboot! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vista Theme for Windows XP

Check this out!

Want your Windows XP looking like Vista with the power of BLACK...

There here it is!

link: Theme for XP.rar

Canon MP160 Service Mode

1.With the printer powered off but connected to a power source,
press the Power button while pressing and holding the Stop/ Reset button.
2.When the Power is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times
while pressing and holding the Power button.
3.When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order),
the printer will move into a service mode. (Waiting for menu selection)
4.When the on/off lights in green, press the Stop/Reset button the
specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below.
(Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange
and green, starting with orange.).

The number of the Reset button pressing LED Function Remarks

0 time Green Power off
1 time Orange Service pattern print (auto teste)
2 times Green EEPROM print (dados da EEPROM)
3 times Orange EEPROM reset (EEPROM reset)
4 times Green Waste ink counter reset (Absorvente reset)
5.Turn off the printer.( it must be turn off) then turn it on again.

SongBird 1.2

Songbird is a media browser and Web player built from Firefox, VLC Player, and SQLite. Songbird is open source and supports user contributed, cross-platform extensions.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Tune Up Utilities 2009

TuneUp Utilities 2009 can make your Windows operating system faster, more comfortable and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Guitar Pro 5.2 with RSE

Guitar Pro is a multitrack tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass. Besides writing scores, Guitar Pro is a complete tool for young and accomplished guitarists alike to progress, compose, or simply accompany themselves.

Features of Guitar Pro:
- A Powerfull, Simple and Intuitive Editor. Guitar Pro allows you to create whole scores for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments in a few minutes.
- View and Listen to your Tablatures. Far more than a simple editor, Guitar Pro allows you to view and listen to a score under the best conditions.
- A Complete Workshop for the Guitarist. Guitar Pro includes many tools for the guitarist such as the chord diagram generator, the guitar tuner, the metronome, the scale tool or the fretboard...
- Import, Export and Share! Import and export MIDI and ASCII format, and enjoy the tens of thousands of tablatures available on the Internet in Guitar Pro format.

New features of Guitar Pro 5:
- New RSE [Realistic Sound Engine] with real instrument sounds - listen to some samples
- New Graphical Interface (skinable)
- 4 Display Modes: Page, Parchment, Vertical Screen, Horizontal Screen
- Fine Scrolling and Zoom from 30% to 200%
- Score display fully redesigned (silimar to published songbooks)
- Automatic vertical positionning and spacing of score symbols to avoid collisions and blank spaces
- New Page Setup window
- Advanced Standard Notation (effects, beams, stem direction...)
- Manuscript Configuration for each Track (tablature only, standard notation only or both, diagrams...)
- Multiple Selection used for editing and playing tools
- Playing of a selected part with Multiple Selection (also works for looped play)
- Move Tracks Up and Down
- Voice Support (lead and bass)
- Coda, Segno (simple and double), Fine + 14 possible jumps
- 8va, 8vb, 15ma and 15mb
- Triplet Feel affected to the bar (8th or 16th)
- Improved Alternate Endings
- Improved Grace Note and Dead Note
- Possibility to add Effects on Tied Notes
- Extended Bends and Tremolo Bar
- Full Support of Artificial Harmonics
- Wah-wah
- Heavy Accentuated Notes
- Tunings associated to an Instrument
- Diagrams displayed with the score and/or under title
- Improved Speed Trainer
- MusicXML Import/Export
- PowerTab Import
- TablEdit Import
- PDF Export
- Improved ASCII Import/Export
- BMP Export of a complete page
- Improved and Simplified WAVE Export (using Windows(r) Mixer)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Windows XP SP2 Limited or No Connectivity Error Message

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, you may receive the following error message in the System Tray.

"This connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources. "

Solutions to the problem are varied, however most of the solutions found on the web just mask the problem by simply guiding the user through turning off this notification. Now this solution may work great for systems that are showing a false positive error, but what if the system genuinely has lost its local area connection or the connection is unstable, what then?

One possible answer involves a bug in Service Pack 2 of Windows XP dealing with a loss of network connectivity for workstations that use Microsoft’s L2TP-based virtual private networking (VPN) client to connect to servers that are connected to NAT-based networks. However, this bug seems to appear in situations that are not associated with VPNs either.

If patching Windows XP for this bug does not fix the problem, read through the list below of other causes and fixes. You may have to reinstall your firewall, rebuild the configuration in your router, drop your connection speed from 100Mbps to 10Mbps, or assign static IP addresses to your computers in the network to resolve this issue.

How do I know if my system is affected by this bug?

If you have installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, this bug is affecting your system.


After installing Windows XP SP2, your network connection reports a problem with "Limited or No Connectivity"

You have trouble connecting to the Internet or your local area network after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Your network connection gets stuck "Acquiring IP Address"

What Steps Can I Take to Fix This Problem?

If you are receiving this error, you should run the Microsoft patch (KB884020) for it. Follow the instructions below to do this.

1) Download the patch
2) Run the update to install it
3) Run this short Registry fix to complete the update. Type the following lines in Notepad and save the file as FixReg.reg on your desktop, then double click on it to install into your registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


4) Reboot your computer

If you experience the error message again, reboot your computer first. In most cases this will solve many connectivity issues that are not associated with this SP2 bug.


Bit Torrent 6.2

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and by Ipoque[1] estimates it accounted for approximately 27-55% of all Internet traffic depending on geographical location as of February 2009.[2]

BitTorrent protocol allows users to receive large amounts of data without putting the level of strain on their computers that would be needed for standard Internet hosting. A standard host's servers can easily be brought to a halt if extreme levels of simultaneous data flow are reached. The protocol works as an alternative data distribution method that makes even small computers with low bandwidth capable of participating in large data transfers.


Yahoo Messenger Multi User

Extract and click the file.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Left 4 Dead Pirated version causes font lost Fix!

Well, after uninstalling a pirated left 4 dead, I ended up with totally bold fonts when browsing or using any applications that required those missing font files. Yep those fonts have been deleted along with Left 4 Dead (pirated)

Basically, there was no solution for this, and I was forced to reinstall my OS. Wait! Just joking! I never did that. A simple solution to this problem lies below!

1. Open up your fonts folder (Don’t know how? C:\Windows\fonts)
2. Select File
3. Select ‘Install New Fonts’
4. Browse for the fonts directory (C:\Windows\fonts)
5. Select All
6. Install
7. Prepare to hit either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to replaced file.
8. Restart your computer.

This step should reinstall all your fonts correctly that has been altered by Left 4 Dead. I would recommend this method as we do not know which file has been deleted by l4d.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MS Office Password Recovery

Free Word / Excel Password Recovery Wizard offers the same functionality and performance as expensive commercial Word password / Excel password software, but is a completely free download. Unlike other supposedly "free" downloads, it is a full product, not a demo version or shareware. It contains no spyware or other malware.

We developed our own free password recovery package specifically to address the high cost of commercial password software.

Our easy to use software runs on any Windows 9x and later PC and recovers file open passwords (not sheet passwords though) for Word / Excel 97 to Word / Excel XP 2003 files. It works by trying words from a large dictionary (included with the download) against the file, then tries character combinations to find most common file open passwords.


LimeWire Pro 5.2

LimeWire 5 pro- The Fastest P2P File Sharing Program on the Planet, running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as.mp3s, .avis, jpgs, tiffs, etc., allows you to search for multiple files at the same time, available in several different languages, and is most famous for its ease-of-use and cross-platform compatibility. Limewire 5 prois written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and other computing platforms.


J. River Media Center 13.0

Music, photos and video YOUR way all from a single software program! Connect your PC to your home entertainment hardware and control it all with a remote! Load your music on your iPod while you watch TV! All with one easy-to-use program MEDIA CENTER!

link: Media Center 13.rar

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vista Manager 3.0

Vista Manager is a powerful system utility which helps you to optimize and tweak, clean up your Windows Vista. It will increase you system speed, improve system security and suit your idea!

link: v3.0.2.rar

LimeWire Pro 5.2

LimeWire 5 pro- The Fastest P2P File Sharing Program on the Planet, running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as.mp3s, .avis, jpgs, tiffs, etc., allows you to search for multiple files at the same time, available in several different languages, and is most famous for its ease-of-use and cross-platform compatibility. Limewire 5 prois written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and other computing platforms.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Virtual DJ Pro 6.0

VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars like Carl Cox.

With its breakthrough BeatLock engine, your songs will always stay in the beat, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Fix "Unable to open AV sites"

This might help:

1. Press -> Ctrl+Alt+Del
( Windows Task Manager Opening )
2. Press or Choose TAB of "Processes".
3. In "Process" many programs processes appear.
in this processes all of big, small and tiny Program's processes display
"Viruses" also select " SVCHOST.EXE " and Select "End Process"
Note : "SVCHOST.EXE" this names many types files in process bar, but not all
viruses, some files is system also, but don't worry,
in this case - your comp. shutdown only - if select
other "SVCHOST.EXE" - remember this file and second time no touch it.!! OK !!??
4. If you find Proper "SVCHOST.EXE" named 'Virus process' than Click on "End Process"
Virus works is finish now. because it's process is "End" this time.
5. Now open Anti virus Website and make update your anti virus program.
6. Then scan computer with updated anti virus program.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox had 22.51% of the recorded usage share of web browsers as of May 2009[update], making it the second most popular browser in terms of current use worldwide, after Internet Explorer.

To display web pages, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine, which implements most current web standards in addition to a few features which are intended to anticipate likely additions to the standards.

Latest Firefox feature include tabbed browsing, a spell checker, incremental find, live bookmarking, a download manager, private browsing, location-aware browsing (aka "geolocation") based exclusively on a Google service and an integrated search system that uses Google by default in most localizations. Functions can be added through add-ons, created by third-party developers, of which there is a wide selection, a feature that has attracted many of Firefox's users.

Firefox runs on various versions of Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and many other Unix-like operating systems. Its current stable release is version 3.5.1, released on July 16, 2009[update]. Firefox's source code is free software, released under a tri-license GNU GPL/GNU LGPL/MPL. Official versions are distributed under the terms of a proprietary EULA.

link: Setup 3.5.1.rar

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer

New attractions of yahoo messenger 9 final

Share and upload photos to Flickr
Option to view maps and videos inside Yahoo messenger window .
Improved contacts .
More support added for local languages .
Brand new skins and emotions .
Improved PC to PC call .
You can add and check status of your MSN Live messenger contacts in Yahoo messenger .
Yahoo Ping box (I like this one!!) : If you are a webmaster its worth to give a try for this cool widget to add chat box in Blogger or any website .

If you are online, YM9 can forward messages sent by your YM buddies to your phone via SMS( I think that costs few bucks).

If you are offline on Yahoo messenger and if someone left you a voice message, you can now choose to forward it to your email.

Click Contacts in the Messenger main menu and select Call History.
At the bottom of the window that opens, click to activate voice mail service by producing your email.

The major disadvantage of Yahoo messenger 9 is that its an ad supported instant messaging client . The other factor is its large size ( apprx. 15 mb) and memory usage compared to close competitors. So instead of using Yahoo messenger , I usually use mobile Instant messengers like Talkonaut which supports Yahoo , MSN and Google talk together .


Sunday, July 12, 2009


ComboFix is a program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these infections automatically. In addition to being able to remove a large amount of the most common and current malware, ComboFix also displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to remove malware that is not automatically removed by the program.


Canon Printer Error Codes

E2-2 No paper (ASF)
E3-3 Paper jam
E4 No ink
E5-5 The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed ,
or the ink cartridges are not installed properly
E8 Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full

E9 The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera
Direct Printing
E14 The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong
E15 Ink cartridge is not installed E16 - Ink remaining is unknown
E16 -E19 Failed to scan head alignment sheet
E22 Carriage error
E23 Paper feed error
E24 Purge unit error
E25 ASF(cam) sensor error
E26 Internal temperature rise error
E27 Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full
E28 Ink cartridge temperature rise error -
E29 EEPROM error
E33 Paper feed position error
E35 15 USB Host VBUD overcurrent error - USB
E37 17 Abnormal motor driver error
E40 20 Other hardware error
E42 22 Scanner errorE2-2 No paper (ASF)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Multiple Programs with One Shortcut

First, open up Notepad and start a new document. We will put all of our code here.

First we need to turn off command echoing. This is not neccessary, but can be quite annoying. This will only help if you are going to directly run the command through CMD.
Type in this code

@echo off

That will turn off our command echoing.

Now to running the programs. I will use two programs as an example. I will also use fake folders and stuff.

Type in this code after the first command.

rem Guild Wars
cd C:\Program Files\Guild Wars
start gw.exe
rem Firefox
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firefox.exe

That code will change to those directories then run the appropriate executable file.
Those are example directories. The rem command simply means a comment/remarks.

This is the template for the programs.

cd Path to program
start Program .exe file

That is all to run the program.
Well, let's add one more command to close CMD after it is finished. This also will make it seem like CMD did nothing.


So our final code should look like this:

@echo off
rem Guild Wars
cd C:\Program Files\Guild Wars
start gw.exe
rem Firefox
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firfox.exe

Ok after you have your code written, save the file as a .bat file. The file name is up to you. The file name though will be the command name. I will call mine guildfire.bat.

Ok, we have our program. What about the shortcut? Well I am going to explain that.

After you have the file saved. Be sure to remember where you saved it.

On your desktop, right click and create a new shortcut. When it asks you about the target, direct the target to the batch file we just made. Change the name and save. You just made a program starting program.

If you want to change the image
To change the shortcut's icon
, simply go to it's properties and it should have a place to change the Icon
Image. Simply change it with something like a BMP file. The best image size for the icon is about 50x50.

Setting Process Priority Permanently

I recommend proceeding with caution as always.

"When processes are executed, they are assigned a priority level. This level decides how much processor time the process will get. Enabling this column, the base priority is displayed for each process. It is possible to elevate a process to run at a high level of priority. This will have effect only till the process lifetime (till it ends). Next time the process will get. Enabling this column, the base priority is displayed for each process. It is possible to elevate a process to run at a high level of priority. This will have effect only till the process lifetime (till it ends). Next time the process will start with its default priority. It is dangerous to increase priority of multiple processes as it can hang the system."


Use a batch file and create a shortcut using the following:

Open your notepad

type this code: (i use dietmp3 as an example)

@echo off
rem diet
cd c:\Program Files\DietMP3
start /AboveNormal DietMP3.exe

Save text file as diet.bat file

Create a shortcut on your desktop.

It should be ok now.

Check your process priority through task manager.

Process Priority Levels

LOW Start application in the IDLE priority class
NORMAL Start application in the NORMAL priority class
HIGH Start application in the HIGH priority class
REALTIME Start application in the REALTIME priority class
ABOVENORMAL Start application in the ABOVENORMAL priority class
BELOWNORMAL Start application in the BELOWNORMAL priority class

OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional

EasyRecovery™ software products offer home users or businesses complete solutions for their data recovery, file repair and disk diagnostic needs.
When to Use Software

Depending on your data loss situation software is recommended only when your hardware or computer system is functioning properly. If your hardware or system appears to be physically failing or damaged Ontrack® Data Recovery services are recommended.
Signs That Your Computer is Damaged or Failing

* Strange noises or grinding sound
* Blue screen of death
* Unresponsiveness

Do-it-Yourself Data Management Solutions

If your system is functioning properly, select from one of the product categories below that best meet your needs and shop online for the version that’s right for you.

* Complete solution for your data recovery needs
* Includes capabilities of EasyRecovery DataRecovery, EasyRecovery FileRepair and EasyRecovery EmailRepair
* Plus advanced data recovery options and Data Advisor® diagnostic features
* General capabilities – data recovery, file repair, disk diagnostics
* For all operating systems – RawRecovery Module– support for over 400 specific file signatures.
* For Windows – AdvancedRecovery and additional Modules – capable of locating all directories and unlimited file types
* Repair options for Microsoft Outlook and Email files – Outlook(PST, OST), Outlook Express (DBX), Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), Access Database (MDB), PowerPoint (PPT) and Zip (ZIP)


Process Explorer


Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

The Process Explorer display consists of two sub-windows. The top window always shows a list of the currently active processes, including the names of their owning accounts, whereas the information displayed in the bottom window depends on the mode that Process Explorer is in: if it is in handle mode you'll see the handles that the process selected in the top window has opened; if Process Explorer is in DLL mode you'll see the DLLs and memory-mapped files that the process has loaded. Process Explorer also has a powerful search capability that will quickly show you which processes have particular handles opened or DLLs loaded.

The unique capabilities of Process Explorer make it useful for tracking down DLL-version problems or handle leaks, and provide insight into the way Windows and applications work.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amilo Pro Audio Driver HotFix

If you reinstall your OS in your Fujitsu Siemens Notebook and encountered a problem installing your Audio and Modem Driver.

A hot fix is necessarry before you can install your audio and modem driver...


Monday, July 6, 2009

Universal XP Drivers CD 2008

No more need to spend hours on-line browsing for drivers.. Just pop the Universal Driver CD in and Windows will automatically search the comprehensive drivers. This CD, (Iso format) contains software drivers for over 25,000 hardware components from brands such as Dell, HP,Compaq, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, as well ashardware component manufacturers Intel, 3Com, VIA, nVidia, ATI, SoundMax, and many more.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Try this one...

How to Install the Key
-Click on "License" which is down along the bottom next to "Support"
-Click on "Activate new license"
-Enter this expired Beta code: T1JVS-NNMBD-K1QTN-SUBP8 and then it'll result in an error
-When the new window pops up, you are given the option to browse to your activation key.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

AVG 8.5 Pro

Try this one...

link: pro 8.5 license key.txt

Windows XP SP2 Corporate

try this one...


Invisible Browsing

Why do we need invisible browsing and the browser cleaner?

The number of identity theft victims is dramatically increasing with every day that passes. Every person that surf the internet should have some minimum knowledge about how the personal data can be collected every time someone is visiting a web page. That’s why you must keep your real IP address hidden, so that all your information will become invisible to everyone.

Invisible Browsing is the perfect software to hide IP address, letting you surf anonymously and preventing your IP or other confidential information to be collected without your permission.

On the other side, your personal computer collect the URL of the websites visited, and saves content of sites in a directory called Temporary Internet Files. When someone else is using your computer he/she can easily see every step you made on internet and look up for your personal interests. But Invisible Browsing can also be used as a browser cleaner in order to protect your online privacy and erase all your online tracks.

What are the main functionalities of Invisible Browsing?

Masks, Hides, Spoofs Your IP Address
Invisible Browsing allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers. All proxies are tested in advance providing a high speed anonymous Internet connection.
Proxy Driver
As the proxies' quality differs by download speed and response time, this feature allows you to adapt the proxy list provided by Invisible Browsing to your geographical location and your internet connection. There is also an option available which allows you to import and test the proxy list that you find on the web.
Browser Cleaning - Complete Online Privacy
Acting like a browser cleaner, Invisible Browsing maintains your online privacy by permanently erasing all your online tracks such as Browser Cookies, Internet URL History, Typed URL history, Auto Complete Forms and Password History, Internet Explorer Favorites and Temporary Files.

Some additional reasons to choose our Invisible Browsing software
Invisible Browsing has been designed to help both the advanced internet users and less experienced ones to stay invisible online. Choosing the automatic mode you can keep your privacy simple and easy by pressing a single button, while the manual running mode provides you advanced features like Proxy Driver. In order to grant you continuous anonymous surfing, the developers of this top solution have also integrated the auto change proxy feature which allows you to define a list of proxies that are automatically changed at specified times interval.

By installing Invisible Browsing internet track eraser, users have also the option to block potentially harmful and invasive codes like ActiveX controls and JavaScript. What internet users should know about ActiveX controls is that they add interest to sites through multimedia but can also harbor malicious code (viruses). Most sites will function properly with ActiveX controls disabled. JavaScript can also be used in harmful ways like capturing your IP address. That’s why an Invisible Browsing software is required in order to prevent JavaScript from running.

Think about the tracks you leave behind when you are online; remember that anyone could see them: employers, colleagues, your kids and spouse, even law enforcement agencies. What about your business secrets you don't want anyone to know about? Just imagine if the sites you have visited became public and you will convince yourself about the necessity of installing browser cleaner software like Invisible Browsing.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

XP TCP/IP Repair 2.0

Warning: Only use XP TCP/IP Repair on a computer where you have no or limited network (internet) connectivity due to a malformed LSP or corrupt TCP/IP and/or Winsock registry entries. This tool is here to restore basic network connectivity. Use of this program on an otherwise good network (internet) connection could possibly cause you to lose network (internet) connectivity. This tool should only be used as a last resort!

Is Spyware and/or Adware messing up your internet connection after you have uninstalled it?

Has your internet connection slowed down and you just don't know why?

Have you used an Internet Optimizer that just didn't optimize your internet, instead it made it slower?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then XP TCP/IP Repair may help fix your internet connection and possibly even protect your privacy.

XP TCP/IP Repair is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for commands in Windows XP® that repair your TCP/IP registry settings and your Winsock LSP's.
Instead of having to remember long confusing command line commands you can now just click a button.

What is an LSP?

Layered Service Providers (LSP) are small pieces of software that can be added or inserted into the Windows TCP/IP handler by other software. Data outward bound from your computer to a legitimate destination on the Internet can be intercepted by an LSP and sent somewhere other than where you intend it to go.


Diet MP3

Compress the size of your MP3 files, allowing you to add more songs to your player without an expensive memory upgrade

More and more electronic devices support MP3 playback capability, including traditional MP3 players, digital cameras, Palm PDA's, Pocket PC's, and even mobile phones. However, due to lack of memory, most of these devices can only store a very limited number of music files.

DietMP3 will compress the size of your MP3 files, allowing you to add more songs to a player without having to do an expensive memory upgrade.

World is big, music is huge, but my player is small, my hard disk always out of space. DietMP3 is the only software dedicate to put more music in your potable MP3 player and help you to compress your MP3 files to save hard disk space. Get it and use it, you won't disappoint for it.

Hi-Fi geeks may not like DietMP3, but it is Hi-Funs. Why not get it and enjoy it now?

Here are some key features of "DietMP3":

· Diet (compress) MP3 files and Audio CDs.
· Reduce 30% to 70% MP3 file size and keep most of the music quality.
· Extract CD Audio tracks to MP3 format in the quality you want.
· Let your portable MP3 players, MP3 mobile phone and MP3 Palm can hold more songs without purchasing & install additional flash memory card.
· Auto New Version Check Function, you will never miss any new version.
· Fast and stable, the best one in the internet.


· 800*600 256 Color display (16M Color may have the best visual effect)
· 10M hard disk space for software, more for generated MP3 files


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

how a firewall protects your computer on the computer

A firewall for computer networks is much like a real firewall that stops fire from spreading from one part of a building to another part. A firewall will control and limit access from one side to the next.

A computer firewall works in the same way as a physical firewall does. It limits the movement of data and programs to and from a computer system.

Firewalls for hardware are often used between computer networks, such as between the Internet and a company network. The Internet is a complex system of networks that all cooperate together. Internet traffic that is incoming is restricted to access areas that are public or to certain computers on the company network. Company network computers are “behind” the firewall and can access other network computers as well as the Internet.

Some companies also use internal network firewalls so that certain resources are limited to certain computer groups. Internal firewalls are also used to prevent viruses from spreading through the network.

Personal firewalls, which are software firewalls, are often used in PC computers that are connected to the Internet. A software firewall will be slower that a hardware firewall which has been specialized for just that type of function. They also use some of the resources on the PC.

A firewall can prevent or limit access to computer systems by viruses or hackers. It will manage both outbound traffic and inbound traffic when a policy is put into place at the time the firewall is installed. These policies can also be configured later and will determine what programs are allowed access to the Internet as well as which traffic is allowed in and out of the system.

Network access is required by email programs, antivirus software, and Internet browsers. Personal firewalls can be put in place that allow some of this Internet traffic while disallowing others.

A firewall is smart enough to know which programs are allowed access to the Internet and which are not. When a program first tries to get on to the Internet the firewall will signal the user. The user will either deny access or will modifiy the policy for the firewall to allow access. The thing to remember is that if you don’t recognize a certain program you shouldn’t give it access. Most software that you install will let you know what firewall settings you need to set so that the program can run correctly.

Hackers will search through computer networks for ports that are open so that they can get into your computer. A port is an entry point between your computer and the Internet. When a hacker finds an open port they will use this port to send a worm which is carrying a payload to give the hacker complete control over the PC. Firewalls are used to close any ports that aren’t being used.

Accessing the Internet without using a firewall is not advised. Always keep in mind that open ports will be vulnerable to hackers. You need to protect your firewall diligently so that incoming data and files are scanned for viruses. You should also avoid opening up email attachments that you aren’t expecting.

Show Hidden Files

When you cant see the hidden files on your pc even when you enabled to show the hidden files in your folder options.

No need to worry about this issue

Try to edit the following registry.


modify the value of checkdvalue to 1 ( it may be 0 or empty)

Now you see your hidden files and enjoy!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

LimeWire Pro v5.1.3 Final *Retail*

LimeWire is a P2P file-sharing application for all types of computer files, including music, video, pictures, games, and text documents. Other features include dynamic querying, file previews during download, advanced techniques for locating rare files, and an easy, clean user interface.

LimeWire's new spam blocker gets rid of junk results, and automatic updates will keep you sharing faster than ever with the latest version. You can search for Creative Commons and Weedshare licensed files, and publish your own creative works with Creative Commons licensing. LimeWire continues its guarantee of no adware or spyware. Includes built-in bittorent support.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Windows XP Geniune

Here is the easy way to make you Windows XP Genuine.

1. Start
2. run
3. regedit
6. Microsoft
7. Windows NT
8. Current Version
9. WPAEvents
10. Double click OOBETimer
11. Select all and delete
12. FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD
13. Right click on WPAEvents
14. Permissions
15. System
16. Deny Full Control
17. Apply
18. Yes
19. OK
20. Done!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lousy Performance, High Hardware Interrupt Usage

My system has been dog too slow since I did a reinstall a couple weeks back. Process Explorer was showing some outrageous hardware interrupt rates, on occasion as high as 50% and regularly at 20%.

I’d let it roll for a couple weeks simply because it was low on my frustration list and I was trying to roll through other things. It finally pissed me off enough tonight that I spent some time nailing it down. Turns out ATA/IDE controllers will often revert back to PIO mode instead of Ultra-DMA.

After the Windows IDE/ATAPI Port driver (Atapi.sys) receives a cumulative total of six time-out or cyclical redundancy check (CRC) errors, the driver reduces the communications speed (the transfer mode) from the highest Direct Memory Access (DMA) mode to lower DMA modes in steps. If the driver continues to receive time-out or CRC errors, the driver eventually reduces the transfer mode to the slowest mode (PIO mode).

Check the problem by examining the controller’s Primary and Secondary IDE settings: Device Manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> Primary or Secondary IDE Channel -> Properties -> Advanced Settings. Look at the Current Transfer Mode field. If it’s “PIO” then it’s a FUBAR PITA and you’ll need to uninstall the driver, reboot and let XP do its magic reinstall.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Acronis® Migrate Easy 7.0

Data migration software — migrate safely,
migrate quickly, Migrate Easy!

So finally you got your hard disk drive the way you like it. Unfortunately, it's now full and you have to upgrade to a new hard disk. You think you are facing a large re-installation project which is likely to take several days of tedious work.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When you double-click your C drive it gives you an option to choose a program to open with. What can you do to open it by double-clicking?

Double-click Your C Drive: Solved

1) Double-click on My Computer on Desktop.

2) Choose Tools and select "Folder options"
- Click on "View" tab, select "Show Hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide Extention...."
- Click on "Hide protected operating system files" (these selections are important to find the files you need to delete)/
- Click "OK."

3. Open Windows Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) and select the "Processes" tab
- Click on "Image name" to sort the list
- Find "wscript.exe" and click on "End Process" (if there is more than one process with that name you have to end all of them)
- Close Windows Task Manager.

4. Click on Start and select "Search" and search for "autorun.inf" (search the computer)
- Delete all the files that contain the text MS32DLL.dll.vbs (the virus) by pressing Shift+Delete. (There obviously should not be Autorun.inf in the C: root).

5. You will also delete the virus from the system (C:\WINDOWS\ MS32DLL.dll.vbs) by pressing g Shift+Delete.

6. Next you have to edit the Register. (Please not that you have to be very careful in the Registry tools; certain mistakes in the Registry can crash your computer)
- Click on "Start" and select "Run" and type in "Regedit" and press "Enter".
- Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Software -->Microsoft -->Windows --> Current Version --> Run.
- Find "MS32DLL" and delete that entry.

6. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Microsoft --> Internet Explorer --> Main. There you find Window Title "Hacked by Godzilla" and you should delete that entry. You can close the Registry now.

7. Click on Start --> Run and type in "gpedit.msc" and press "Enter."
-- Open "Group Policy": select User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System --> and there you will double click on "Turn Off Autoplay"
- In the window there you should select "Enabled" and select "All drives" (they say in a certain Thai website that select all turn of Autoplay will be safer for not getting viruses). Now you can close the Group Policy.

8. Click on Start --> Run and type "msconfig" and press "Enter".
- Open "System Configuration Utility".
- Click on "Startup" tap
- Find the file MS32DLL, choose Enable All, then uncheck "MS32DLL"
- Click Apply and then OK to close
- Exit the "System Configuration Utility" and select "Exit Without Restart" when prompt.

9. After this, double-click on My Computer and select "Tools" and "Folder Options" and "View" tap to change back there.
- select "Hide Extention..." and "Hide protected operating system file" and "Don't show hidden files and folders".
- Empty the "Recycle bin" and "Restart" your computer.

Extended Solution:

After you have deleted all these Autorun files, if your drives still do not want to open with a left click:

Start the Registry editor: Start->Run "regedit"
or alt-ctrl-del, File->New Task... "regedit"

Navigate to:

If there is a folder: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\open
Delete it.
There should only be Drive\shell\find and maybe Drive\shell\cmd, but if you see Drive\shell\open, delete it.

Make sure that when in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\, the (Default) key on the right hand window should have a value of "none":
Name: (Default), Type: REG_SZ, Value: none
If your computer is still not fixed, here is a complete registry dump of what the HKCR\Drive\ registry path should look like, along with the HKCR\Directory\ path as well:

Note: you can copy the below lines into a text editor (notepad) and save it as "drivefix.reg" and double click it. All the values below will be entered into the registry, overwriting existing values. But values which do not appear here are not affected.

Note: The @ sign is the name of the (Default) value for each directory/key in in the registry.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=hex(2):25,00,53,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,52,00,6f,00,6f,00,74,00,25,\ 00,5c,00,53,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,33,00,32,00,5c,00,73,00,68,00,\ 65,00,6c,00,6c,00,33,00,32,00,2e,00,64,00,6c,00,6c,00,2c,00,38,00,00,00




@="[FindFolder("%l", %I)]"



@="File Folder"









@="[FindFolder("%l", %I)]"



Monday, May 25, 2009

Total Video Converter

This application represents the ultimate solution for video conversion

Total Video Converter is a complete solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing all kinds of video and audio formats and converting them to the popular video formats.

Total Video Converter includes a powerful media conversion engine internally so that you can convert media files with very fast speed.

Total Video Converter is very easy to use.

Video Formats:
Real Video(.rmvb, .rm)
3GP (.3gp, 3g2)
Game Psp(.psp)
MPEG1(.mpg, mpeg)
MPEG2 PS (.mpg, mpeg, vob)
MPEG2 TS (DVB Transport Stream)
Ms ASF(.asf, .wmv)
Ms AVI(.avi)
Macromedia Flash video FLV (.flv)
Apple Quicktime(.mov)
FLIC format(.fli, .flc) . Gif Animation(.gif)
DV (.dv)
.Video Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Audio Formats:
Audio CD(.cda)
MPEG audio(.mp3, mp2)
Real Audio(.ra)
Ms WAV(.wav)
Ms WMA(.wma)
Real Audio (.ra)
Amr audio(.amr)
SUN AU format (.au)
Macromedia Flash embedded audio(.swf)
Audio Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Total Video Converter supports generating the following file formats:

Video Formats:
. MPEG4(.mp4)
. 3GP(.3gp, 3g2)
. Game Psp(.psp)
. MPEG1(.mpg, mpeg)
. NTSC, PAL DVD mpeg
. NTSC, PAL VCD mpeg
. Ms Mpeg4 AVI(.avi)
. Divx AVI(.avi)
. Xvid AVI(.avi)
. H264 AVI(.avi)
. Mjpeg AVI(.avi)
. HuffYUV AVI(.avi)
. Swf Video(.swf)
. Flv Video (.flv)
. Gif Animation(.gif)
. Mpeg4 Mov(.mov)
. Apple Quicktime(.mov)
. FLIC format(.fli, .flc)
. Gif Animation(.gif)
. DV (.dv)

Audio Formats:
. MPEG audio(.mp3, mp2)
. Ms WAV(.wav)
. Ms WMA(.wma)
. OGG(.ogg)
. Amr audio(.amr)
. AC3(.ac3)

Here are some key features of "Total Video Converter":

· Convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos or audios (mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi, amr audio) which are used by cell-phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Xbox360, PS3 etc.;
· Photos slide show combines multi-photos and musics with more than 300 photos fantasy transition effect;
· High compatibility and high efficiency for Importing RMVB or RM video/audio;
· onvert various videos to MPEG videos compatible with standard DVD/SVCD/VCD;
· Burn the converted videos to DVD/SVCD/VCD;
· Rip DVD to popular videos of all sorts;
· Extract audio from various of videos and convert which to all kinds of audios (mp3, ac3, ogg, wav, aac);
· RIP CD to audios of all sorts directly;
· Support using with command line;
· Combine several video and audio files to one video file;
· Demultiplex or extract video and audio;
· Multiplex video and audio to one file;


· Directx 9
· 800 MHz Pentium II or higher
· 256M RAM or higher
· Macromedia flash OCX
· Accelerated display


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recommended Service Setup Part II

Recommended Service Setup

The bare-bones system service setup is a good setup for optimal performance. However, don't you want to have some of the conveniences of Windows XP? Check out the recommended services to disable shown in the list below. If you follow these recommendations, you will cut down on your boot time but you will also have of the nice features and conveniences of Windows XP.
Disable the following services:

Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Error Reporting Service
Fast User Switching Compatibility
Help and Support
Indexing Service
Machine Debug Manager
Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Portable Media Serial Number Service
Remote Registry (Only included with Windows XP Pro)
SSDP Discovery Service
Terminal Services
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Wireless Zero Configuration (If you have a wireless network card, do not disable this one)
Windows Time
Task Scheduler

Own (SetUp)

Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Error Reporting Service
Fast User Switching Compatibility
Help and Support
Indexing Service
Machine Debug Manager
Portable Media Serial Number Service
Print Spooler
Remote Registry (Only included with Windows XP Pro)
Terminal Services
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Wireless Zero Configuration
Task Scheduler

Recommended Service Setup Part I

Bare-Bones System Service Setup

To get the maximum amount of performance out of your system, you have the option of disabling all of the services on your computer that are not critical to the system. This would take away a lot of the nice features and conveniences of Windows, but you would have a much faster machine. The following is a list of system-critical services that should not be disabled. Feel free to disable all other services.
Bare Minimum Services:

Com+ Event System
Cryptographic Services
DCOM Server Process Launcher
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Event Log
IPSEC Services
Shell Hardware Detection
System Event Notification
Protected Storage
Network Connections
Plug + Play
Print Spooler
Remote Procedure Call
Secondary Logon
Security Accounts Manager

Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Boot

Disabling Unneeded Services

A service is a software application that runs continuously in the background while your computer is on. The Windows operating system has numerous services that run in the background that provide basic functions to the system. Network connectivity, visual support, and external device connectivity such as printer services are all examples of the types of services that the windows services provide. Each of these services that are running in the background take up system resources such as memory and CPU time. Also, during the booting of the operating system, the service has to be loaded. On most computers, there are nearly 20 services that are loaded upon startup. Of these 20 services only a handful are system critical services. All of the others can be disabled. In order to disable a service, first you will need to know more about what the most common services do. Table 8-2 will help you understand what the most common services are, what they do, and if they can be disabled.

Common Windows Services in Use

Service Name Service Use

Automatic Updates Used to download and then install updates automatically without the user going to Windows Update manually. This service is not system critical and can be disabled but unless you check for updates regularly, it is not recommended to disable this service.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service A service that transfers data in the background when the connection is not in use. One use of this service is to download updates automatically in the background. This service is not system critical but can impair other services such as automatic updates if it is disabled.

Com+ Event System Basically controls the notification of certain system events such as log on and log off. The system event notification is dependent on this service. This service is system critical.

Computer Browser Keeps track of the other computers on your network running the Microsoft Client for networking. This is what provides the list of computers when you are browsing your workgroup computer in My Network Places. This service is not system critical and can be disabled if you do not need the network browsing function.

Cryptographic Services Basically manages system security certificates as well as provides a database of signatures of key windows files. This service is not system critical but it is required to install many Microsoft programs that want to check system file signatures. It is not recommended to disable this service because doing so would not allow Windows Update to run and install new updates.

DCOM Server Process Launcher Basically is in charge of starting various other services. This service is required for RPC which is required for over 39 other services to run. Because of that, it is not a good idea to disable this one.

DHCP Client Provides support for dynamic network configuration. This service is not system critical but is needed for those that do not set their IP address manually.

Distributed Link Tracking Client Keeps track of links to files on a NTFS volume on your computer or across a network. This service is not system critical and can be disabled.

DNS Client Resolves domain names into IP addresses as well as caches lookup results. This service is not system critical but you will not be able to browse the internet without it started.

Error Reporting Service Allows users to report failures of applications directly to Microsoft so that Microsoft may fix bugs in its software if it is the culprit. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Event Log Allows event messages to be recorded to be viewed in Event Viewer. This service is system critical and can not be disabled.

Fast User Switching Compatibility Allows users to switch to other users on the same system without logging off. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Help and Support Used for the help and support center. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

HTTP SSL Allows the personal web server built into Windows XP (IIS 6.0) to provide secure data transfers over HTTP. This service is rarely used since most people never even setup the personal web server on Windows XP. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Indexing Service Creates a searchable database of the items on your hard drive. This service is not system critical and can be disabled if you do not search your drive often or can wait a few extra minutes to find a file.

IPSEC Services Provides IP security for certain secure connections over IP. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Logical Disk Manager Detects and monitors new hard disk drives. This service is not system critical but it is used when you are upgrading your hardware and installing additional storage devices or using USB storage devices. If you do not plan on using any of the items above, the service may be safely disabled.

Machine Debug Manager Provides support for program and script debugging. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled for most users.

Messenger Allows users to send text popup messages to computers on the network. This service is abused by spammers to send you advertisements. It is highly recommended that you disable this service.

Network Connections Provides support for network connectivity. This service is not system critical but it is recommended that it is not disabled.

Network Location Awareness (NLA) Provides services to computers that share your internet connection. If you do not use the internet connection feature, then you may safely disable this service since it is not a system critical service.

Plug and Play Allows your computer to detect hardware. This service is system critical and can not be disabled.

Portable Media Serial Number Service Detects the serial number of an external media device. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Print Spooler Provides services to print. This service is not system critical but it is necessary to print from your computer.

Protected Storage Provides basic security over certain system files. This service is system critical and should not be disabled.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Provides services for other services. This service is system critical and can not be disabled.

Remote Registry (Not included in XP Home) Allows the system registry to be connected to remotely. This service is not system critical and is recommended that it is disabled.

Secondary Logon Allows programs to be started under different accounts. This service is system critical.

Security Accounts Manager A database of local account information. This service is system critical and should not be disabled.

Security Center Monitors your system security settings to notify you if your settings are insecure. You should keep this service running unless you are confident about your computer's security. No other services depend on this service and it can be safely disabled given you have a good handle on your security.

Server Provides the ability to share files and your printer over your network. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled if you do not share file over a network.

Shell Hardware Detection Used to detect external storage devices automatically. If you do not use any external storage devices such as external hard drives or memory cards, this service can be safely disabled.

SSDP Discovery Service Looks for Universal Plug and Play drives on your network. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

System Event Notification Tracks more system events. This service is system critical and should not be disabled.

System Restore Service Keeps track of changes made to your system to make restore points. This service is not system critical but it is recommended that it is not disabled.

Task Scheduler Allows users to schedule and configure tasks. This service is not system critical and can be disabled if you do not need to schedule any tasks to run.

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Allows the NetBIOS network protocol to run over the TCP/IP Protocol. This service is not system critical and can be disabled if you have no use for the NetBIOS protocol.

Terminal Services Allows users to connect to the computer with remote desktop. This service is not system critical but is used by the remote assistance help feature. It can be safely disabled if you do not need the remote assistance feature.

Themes This is the service that gives Windows the new look. It allows visual styles to be applied over the normal grey Windows 2000 style windows. This service is not system critical and can be disabled.

WebClient This service adds support for web-based file management for technologies such as WebDav. Most users will never need to use this service. It is not system critical and can be safely disabled.

Windows Audio Provides audio support for the operating system. This service is not system critical and can be safely disabled is you would like to give up your sound.

Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Protects your computer from intruders and malicious programs attacking your computer via your Internet connection. It also provides the ability to share your internet connection among other computers on your local network. This service is not system critical but I do not recommend that you disable it unless you have another personal firewall application installed on your computer.

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Used to acquire data from optical devices such as a scanner or a camera. This service is not system critical and it can be safely disabled if you have no use for it.

Windows Management Instrumentation Provides system information to applications. This service is system critical and should not be disabled.

Windows Time This service is in charge of synchronizing the Windows time. If you do not need to have your time synchronized, this service can be safely disabled.

Wireless Zero Configuration Configures wireless 802.11 devices. If you do not have any wireless hardware installed, you may safely disable this service.

Workstation Allows your computer to make connections to other computers and servers. This service is not system critical but it is needed for any basic networking.

Now that you know which services can be disabled and which services are important to your system, you can safely speed up your boot by disabling the extra services using the services management tool.

Before you begin changing your service setup, set a System Restore Point to easily restore your system to an earlier configuration. However, be careful when you restore from restore points. Any applications or files that were created after the system restore point will be deleted when reverting back to an earlier restore point.

The Services utility is included in all versions of Windows XP and but is hidden away. Do the following to disable a service using the Services utility:

>Click on the Start menu and select Run. In the text box type services.msc and click OK. This will start the Services utility.

>Now that you are in the Services utility, you will see a list of a lot of services on your computer. First you will need to stop the service that you want to disable. Right click on the service name and select Stop on the pop-up menu.

>When the service is stopped, right click on the service again and select Properties. Located on the General tab, look for the Startup Type drop-down box. Click on the arrow on the drop-down box and select Disabled.

>Click on the OK button and from now on, the system will not start the service any more during boot speeding up your system start.