Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cabal Online: Siena, the queen

We are currently going through the patch notes we received from ESTsoft this afternoon, preparing our initial questions about the notes (yes, there are many points that need to be cleared up a bit) and setting up our test schedules. I can tell you that there appears to be a whole host of changes, new content, and some great additions to the cash shop. I think I will just wet your appetites a bit by posting the major points from the patch notes – expect much more detail and discussion as we proceed with the testing process

Blended Runes
These are created from normal Essence Runes. They appear to be very powerful, but limited at the same time. 16 types, each with 3 different levels

The Guild Expansion
Guilds will now have levels, from 1 to 5, and the long-awaited and often-requested guild warehouse will be introduced with this patch as well.

Two new dungeons
Altar of Siena b2f, and the Panic Cave – Panic Cave will have three difficulty levels, from easy to what I can only call ‘painful’ after reading the notes. Expect more detail after testing.

Map Extras
A new functionality for the GPS map, as well as a new way of showing your items to people. Not 100% clear on how this works yet, so we will have to wait and see.

The Warp Stone
An item that can be bought from an NPC that will enable PREMIUM users from the losing nation to use the winning bonus warps.

Account binding items
A new way of dealing with high-value items, similar to systems from other MMO’s. This will likely prove a bit controversial, so expect a detailed blog entry dedicated to this.

There are of course loads of minor changes, dealing with lower level quests, the way that you use the ‘looking for a party’ function, changes to NPC item prices, minor changes the mission wars, and quite a lot more. I guess this blog will get pretty busy as I get the time to update it through the next couple of weeks. We will also release the developer’s notes for this update very soon, so keep checking in

For now we are just waiting for the patching process to finish, and then hopefully I can start to give you some more detailed information soon.

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