Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cabal Online PH Game Guard Deep Freeze Issue Fix

1. Thaw your PC.
2. Delete gameguard folder.
3. Start Cabal.
4. If error occurs (delete gameguard folder again and Freeze PC).
5. Open and update cabal (note: when gameguard is downloading or updating in a frozen state files ranging from 1/8 - 1/16,it is a very good sign.)cancel download and thaw the pc.
6. Run cabal to update gameguard in thawed state. Do not run Cabal instead exit after the patch.
7. Freeze the PC.
8. Run Cabal in frozen mode. Again the gameguard will download large files about 1/32. Download all the files and try not to cancel it.
9. Whet it is finished, copy the *.ddl files (2 files) and *.ISO/BIN files inside the gameguard folder)and paste to USB flash drive.
10. Thaw your PC again and copy all files in the usb to gammeguard folder. NOTE! Do not run cabal.
11. Freeze PC and reboot! Enjoy!!!

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