Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Fix "Unable to open AV sites"

This might help:

1. Press -> Ctrl+Alt+Del
( Windows Task Manager Opening )
2. Press or Choose TAB of "Processes".
3. In "Process" many programs processes appear.
in this processes all of big, small and tiny Program's processes display
"Viruses" also select " SVCHOST.EXE " and Select "End Process"
Note : "SVCHOST.EXE" this names many types files in process bar, but not all
viruses, some files is system also, but don't worry,
in this case - your comp. shutdown only - if select
other "SVCHOST.EXE" - remember this file and second time no touch it.!! OK !!??
4. If you find Proper "SVCHOST.EXE" named 'Virus process' than Click on "End Process"
Virus works is finish now. because it's process is "End" this time.
5. Now open Anti virus Website and make update your anti virus program.
6. Then scan computer with updated anti virus program.

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