Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enigma Technologies, Inc.

ENIGMA Technologies, Inc. started from a noble dream of its founders who were compelled by their common desire to contribute in uplifting the living standards of communities and businesses of this country and of the world through technological empowerment. The dream of making our world a more comfortable place to live in will be achieved by continuously discovering technological solutions for households and businesses. Thus, ENIGMA was born as an initial step in the journey towards the fulfillment of this dream.

The Founders
The ENIGMA founders possess expertise in the fields of information and communication technology such as computer hardware and software technology, IT infrastructure and networking management, application systems development, and telecommunications network management. They also possess expertise in the fields of business management that includes marketing, entrepreneurship and financial control. They are committed to continuously upgrade these skills and to continuously search for complementary skills needed to perpetuate the dream.

Our Values
ENIGMA strictly adheres to the CUSTOMER FIRST policy. This is manifested in terms of delighting customers by satisfying their requirements providing products and services where they get value for their money and giving them the right products at the right time, that is, by keeping them updated of product technologies that are practical for their use but reasonable for their budget.

ENIGMA also believes in the value of time, the only resource that is common to all people regardless of status or race. This is why ENIGMA is continuously making an effort to develop a culture of time-consciousness providing one-stop shop service for customers to save on buying time and delivering products and services to the customers at the shortest time possible.


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