Sunday, April 26, 2009

URL Shortcuts

Do you want Friendster, Yahoo, Google, Youtube and other Web Sites that you always access be part of your Desktop Icons.

So that you can easily access them if you need them the most.

Tried with Internet Explorer.
Also works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Here's how:

Open your Internet Explorer.
Open your desired Web Site. e.g.
Add your desired Web Site ( to Favorites.
Open your Favorites Center Window.
Locate your newly added Website.

For Internet Explorer 6.
Right click the icon( then click "send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)".

For Internet Explorer 7.
Right click the icon( then click copy.
Go to Desktop, right click, then click Paste(shortcut).

Or Simply Drag the Icon to your Desktop. (much easier)

That's it. Now you can access your favorites websites easily on your desktop. You don't need to open your web browser then locate your favorite web site to your list or you don't have to search it's URL on the address bar.

for Mozilla Firefox 3.
It's just the same, bookmarked is the word used in lieu with favorites in IE.
So explore!!!

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