Wednesday, March 30, 2011

W7 Loader 1.9.2

What is SLIC 2.1?

When ever you buy a pc/laptop from a vendor like Dell, Acer, IBM etc they come with SLIC bios. SLIC basicly contains tables that contain OEM information(Original Equiepment Manufacturer).this technology is embedded in the bios of the computer. the main advantage of this technology is that when M$ makes operating systems, they create a product key for each DVD that they are selling so that it can be installed only by the buyer. However when it comes to mass distrubution like Dell Acer, they create a RTM copy so that the dvd that is sent to Dell will only work on dell machines and non other. again this is varified by the DVD from the BIOS of the compter which has the SLIC infomation.Now when Vista was launched SLIC v 2.0 was created and all the laptops/Pcs that hit the marked from a vendor came with that version.Now when people installed vista from the OEM DVD in the OEM machine they never asked for any product key and it was already activated whareas if the same DVD is used for installation in any other Pc (Non OEM) then it will ask for a product key and also you would need to activate the product with in a period of time. So the hacks that came out for Vista was a Bios emulator which actually emulated the Bios of a real OEM , and it used to load while booting and post boot the certificates used to pass thinking it was a OEM. That was SLIC 2.0. but now M$ came up with SLIC 2.1, that means the laptops that has 2.0 will not install and activate DVDs created for 2.1. But hopefully we will have a 2.1 emulater for windows 7 soon that can be installed on customized PC/laptops like mine.>

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